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About the Organization

ChainBreakers, Inc. was founded by concerned residents and church leaders, who saw a need in the city for resources that would help low-income families become more self sufficient and to better their quality of life.  Additionally, we believe that the crime and drug abuse rates in our community, which are higher than the national average, can be lowered through the provision of these resources.  It is our belief that an increased sense of "community" and "ownership" among Portsmouth's residents will help curtail the amount of crime and drug activity in the area. ChainBreakers understands that personal empowerment, positive influence, and adequate resources are essential to a community’s growth and revitalization.


The mission of ChainBreakers, Inc. covers five major areas:

  • To provide food, clothing and shelter to low-income families in our city.

  • To encourage the economic and personal success of community residents through substance abuse recovery and prevention services, job-skill development services, educational services, and employment services.

  • To provide the resources and foundational skills needed to develop, in at-risk children, a love for learning, reading, and the ability to excel in academic areas.

  • To promote economic development and self-sufficiency in low- to moderate-income families through the provision of financial counseling and affordable homeownership opportunities.

  • To bridge the “digital divide” through the provision of centralized computer access to those who ordinarily would not have it.


"Helping Portsmouth's Families THRIVE, not just survive!"

Did you Know?



ChainBreakers, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit community organization located in Portsmouth, Virginia. 





We have been serving the community since 2001 providing services such as Narcotics Anonymous meetings, food outreach, and various arts programs.





ChainBreakers, Inc.

P.O. Box 1362

Portsmouth, VA 23705



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