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How We’re Supported


ChainBreakers, Inc. is supported through donations from local and national foundations and from grant funds provided by local, state and national initiatives. We also receive a great deal of generous support from community organizations such as local stores and churches in the form of volunteered time and donations. These donations allow us to continue to provide services to those who are in need.



How You Can Help


Because our organization serves the low-income community, we do not charge participants for our services. Therefore, support from generous donors is vital to our existence.  

Needed items include:

  • Funds to support the organization and its programs

  • Donations of items such as school supplies, recreational equipment, computers and/or computer software


ChainBreakers, Inc. is always interested in partnering with the community to accomplish common goals.  We are continuously seeking volunteers to help with the following services:

  • School Supplies Giveaways

  • Tutoring Services

  • Mentoring Services

  • Computer Course Instructors

  • Recreational Coaching (weightlifting, basketball, football)

  • Employment workshop instructors and counselors

ChainBreakers, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization as recognized under IRS Tax Code 501(c)3.  

Our exempt Tax ID Number is: 


Tax Exempt Letter











ChainBreakers, Inc.

P.O. Box 1362

Portsmouth, VA 23705

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